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Every year, NatureWorks donates a life-sized wildlife monument to the city of Tulsa to honor those who have volunteered their time and energy to promote wildlife conservation. A person or group receives the NatureWorks Wildlife Stewardship Award for their contributions and service, and a monument donated in their honor. Each monument is fully underwritten by Patron sponsors consisting of individuals, families or corporations.

This program not only helps NatureWorks beautify Tulsa with monumental art, it also reminds visitors of the value wildlife holds in both our community and our lives.


Plains Grizzly

Sculptor Jim Agius

2101 North 33rd West Ave
Stuart Park by Gilcrease Museum

In recognition of his lifelong commitment to the conservation of wildlife, his generous support of international wetland projects, his dedication to the preservation of our natural resources, and above all, his leadership.


Southern Bald Eagle

Sculptor Mike Sughroue

61st & Riverside Drive

For enthusiastic support of wildlife conservation, his generous utilization of our natural resources for the enrichment of our citizens, and his civic leadership in fostering awareness of our environment.


American Bison

Sculptor Stephen C. LeBlanc

River Parks at Denver Avenue

For his inspiration and leadership in the causes of wildlife conservation, his generous giving of time and resources for the betterment of all of our citizens, and for bringing an awareness, on a national level, of the importance of wildlife.


Arkansas River Otters

Sculptor Robert Ball

70th Street in River parks

For his dedicated personal commitment to promoting wildlife conservation and his generous giving of time, energy, and personal resources to enrich our natural environment and increase the awareness of conservation principles.


Dreaming of the Kiss

Sculptor Kim Kori

Currently Being Relocated


Tishomingo Canadas

Sculptor Geoffrey C. Smith

49th Street & Riverside Drive

For his personal commitment to promoting wildlife conservation, his generous giving of time, energy, and personal resources to enrich our natural environment and his dedication to our community through his participation in civic affairs.


Wichita Wapiti

Sculptor Jocelyn Lillpop

63rd Street in River Parks

For his visionary leadership as a Senator and Wildlife Commissioner promoting sound wildlife practices, and for his strong commitment to civic and conservation causes that have enriched the lives of all Oklahomans.


Tulsa Trumpeter

Sculptor Bradford J. Williams

Utica Avenue at 18th Street

For their extra special conservation efforts in protecting and promoting waterfowl at Swan Lake, thereby enriching the lives of Tulsans and our visitors.


Oklahoma Whitetails

Sculptor Ron Lowery

96th Street & South Delaware

For his steadfast, lifelong promotion of the finest wildlife conservation values in his business and personal life, for his generous support of wildlife activities, and for his leadership in civic activities in our community.


Bruins Riverpark Picnic

Sculptor Jim Gilmore

BOK Plaza at 71st & Riverside Dr.

For providing leadership in wildlife conservation causes, for giving generously of his personal energy and resources to enhance conservation principles, and for his strong commitment to fostering the awareness of important wildlife values by our citizens.


Osage Cougar

Sculptor Jim Gilmore

57th Street & Riverside Dr.

For his lifetime achievements in wildlife conservation, his endless commitment of energy and resources promoting conservation causes, and his personal direction of the NatureWorks Monuments Program that provides constant reminders of the beauty in wildlife.


Cimarron Pronghorns

Sculptor Stephen C. LeBlanc

96th Street & South Delaware

In recognition of his profound interest and dedication to wildlife conservation principles, for his commitment and generous supports of conservation causes, and for his personal efforts to ensure extensive natural habitat being forever available to native Oklahoma wildlife.


Sooner Sandhills

Sculptor Mike Sughroue

Tulsa International Airport

For unselfish dedication to wildlife conservation causes through his service to the Oklahoma Wildlife Commission, Ducks Unlimited, and numerous other organizations. He has left a lasting mark and roadmap for other conservations to follow.


Prairie Wolves

Sculptor Jocelyn Lillpop

42nd & Riverside Dr.

For promotion of wildlife conservation principles in scouting, and for developing leadership and citizenship skills in scouts that promote ethical conservation values and an appreciation of our natural environment.


Riverside Mallards

Sculptor Ronnie Wells

21st & Riverside Dr.

For their visionary efforts since 1937 in conserving, restoring and managing wetlands and associated habitats for North America’s waterfowl.


Black Mesa Muleys

Sculptor Daniel Parker

Galveston Avenue in River Parks

For providing national leadership in promoting sound conservation, education, and research principles on endangered, rare, and neglected species of birds.


Red Slough Alligator

Sculptor Scott Shaffer

Oklahoma Aquarium

For making viewable and “hands on” aquatic wildlife available to all citizens of greater Tulsa and visitors to our city in such a way as to promote the finest values of aquatic wildlife education.


Shiras Moose

Sculptor Jim Gilmore

53rd Street & Yale Ave
LaFortune Park

For their invaluable contributions and continuing support, we gratefully acknowledge all our patrons for making the NatureWorks Monuments Program a success.


Rio Grande Turkeys

Sculptor Ron Lowery

71st & S. Elwood Avenue
Turkey Mountain Trailhead

For providing leadership in Oklahoma for promoting conservation of the Wild Turkey and preservation of the hunting traditions.


Pheasant Eludes Bobcat

Sculptor Jocelyn L. Russell

67th Street in River Parks

To honor these men who both spent a lifetime dedicating efforts to benefit Oklahoma wildlife.


Shinnery Oak Bobwhites

Sculptor Eric Slocombe

54th Street & Yale Ave
LaFortune Park

To honor his lifetime commitment to wildlife conservation and to his stewardship of Bobwhite Quail habitat on his McFarlin-Ingersoll Ranch.


Rocky Mountain Bighorn

Sculptor Paul Rhymer

71st & S. Elwood Ave
Turkey Mountain Trailhead

In honor of a lifetime of supporting wildlife conservation.


Porcupine Herd Caribou

Sculptor Sam Terakedis

46th & Riverside Dr.

In honor of a lifetime of supporting and promoting wildlife conservation across the state of Oklahoma.


Coyote Pups Singing Lesson

Sculptor Paul Rhymer

9th & Main Street
Jenks, OK

For his strong personal commitment to wildlife conservation causes, and for providing leadership to ensure the success of many conservation groups. He voluntarily donated his personal time, efforts, and resources to assist important wildlife, civic, and military affairs.


Cherokee Boss Elk

Sculptor Stephen C. LeBlanc

137th & Memorial Drive
Entrance to Washington Irving Park

For their promotion of strong hunting ethics and wildlife conservation principles; and for their work helping create a community of hunters well equipped with superior outdoor, shooting, and hunting skills.


Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher

Sculptor Bryce Pettit

Tulsa International Airport

For his lifelong commitment to the conservation of wildlife. He has given generously of his personal energies and resources to help ensure important native species of wildlife will forever continue to be available for future generations in the state of Oklahoma.


Glacier Park Billy Goat

Sculptor Ron Lowery

57th & Riverside

A major moving force in creating the Tall Grass Prairie Reserve near Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and for providing the direction and management leadership insuring the Preserve and the American Bison herd will forever be a national treasure.


Alaska Polar Bear

Sculptor Paul Rhymer

The monument is located at the plaza of 5th and Denver between the Tulsa County Courthouse and the Tulsa Public Library

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