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Looking Back: 2018 Art Show

The NatureWorks’ Art Show has a history of bringing world class wildlife, western, and landscape artists to Tulsa that dates back to 1991. Over the years, our Art Show has offered for sale thousands of beautiful sculptures, paintings and carvings from all over our country and from other countries as well. Today, countless businesses, homes, and even museums in Tulsa and surrounding communities are adorned with art purchased at the NatureWorks Art Show.

One of the more engaging aspects of our Art Show is the opportunity to visit with these artists about their work. It really helps to bring the art to life and is extremely interesting to learn how the artist created a specific piece.

Those of us at NatureWorks, as well as the artists we support, consider you partners in our combined efforts to further wildlife conservation mostly in Northeastern Oklahoma. We are a 501 (c)(3) corporation run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors with no paid staff. All of the net proceeds from our Art Show are contributed to wildlife conservation causes, so a portion of every purchase is tax deductible.

During this Art Show, the artists and members of NatureWorks acknowledge and praise some of our longtime NatureWorks Board Members who passed this year. Longtime Art Show Director, Ray Goldsmith, and two of our longest serving Board Members, Dick Link and Lon Canada, helped immeasurably to make NatureWorks and the Art Show what they are today through their devotion and unending contributions of time and money. We know they would want us to carry on as they did . . . So on with the 2016 Art Show!

Thank you for attending this year. We hope you took advantage of the opportunity to meet the artists and find something you couldn’t live without—all for a very worthy cause. We hope you had a great time!