Other Works By this Artist

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Price: $4800.00

Dimensions: Bronze, 14" x14.5"x8", edition of 25


Price: $2250.00

Dimensions: Bronze, 10”x8”x4”,Edition of 50

"Below the Redd"

Price: $3100.00

Dimensions: Bronze, 10x9.5x24, Edition of 30


Dimensions: 9' Tall


Dimensions: 8" Tall

"Elephant Parade"


Dimensions: 32" Tall

"A Well Deserved Rest"

Dimensions: 36" Tall


Dimensions: 8" Tall

Sandy Graves


Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado at her home in Steamboat Springs, Sandy
Graves practices her craft. She is a woman whose life is defined by relationships,
exploration, fun, and emotion. As a sculptor, Sandy’s style is marked by these elements.

While studying art at North Texas State University (1987) and Colorado State University
(1988-1993) Sandy focused on sculpture; following graduation she apprenticed and
studied under two figurative sculptors and gained a more in-depth understanding of the
human form. Through a naïve experiment while a student of bronze casting, Sandy
developed the stylized work for which she is currently becoming known nationwide. Her
work is recognized for her use of negative space, exaggerated forms, implied energy, and
emotional content.

Following college, Sandy knew that she was not ready for the solitary life of a studio
artist; seeking experiences that connected her with others, she spent 16 years teaching
high school art at a small and innovative private school, creating and guiding lengthy
international trips for young adults, and serving as a search dog trainer and wilderness
search and rescue team member. These experiences influenced and developed her
understanding of her world, as well as molded her intensity and depth of expression as an

By 2008, with family and roots firmly established in Colorado, Sandy knew she was
ready to step into a full-time career in sculpture and she turned all of her attention to
creating. Since then, Sandy has steadily gained a name for herself in Western art. She is
represented in galleries across the United States and Canada and shows annually in a
number of invitational and museum shows. In the realm of public art, her work is
installed in front of the Routt County Courthouse and at Yampa Valley Medical Center in
her hometown, as well as in Benson Sculpture Park in Loveland, Colorado, at Scottsbluff
High School, and in Colorado Mesa University’s Escalante Hall. (Holy Name Catholic
Church, Steamboat Mountain School – what was the Jane Thompson bird project in
California, was that public or private?)

Sandy was born in Denver, Colorado, in 1968 and was raised in Western Nebraska.