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Heartbeat of America

"Prairie Dance"

"Lone Crossing"



"Beside Quiet Waters"

"Breakfast with Grandma"

"Follow the Leader"

Pamela Winters


Native to Saratoga Springs, New York, at the south end of the Adirondack Mountains, I had a passion for the outdoors and animals.  I was always sketching and studying animals and people, looking at hair patterns, facial features, muscles and overall structure.
In 1981, I moved to Oklahoma and married Mark.  I immediately fell in love with the Oklahoma animals, landscape and people.  But, I needed an outlet to capture my desire to create.  I began working in 3-D with mosaics, wire and beaded art that was sold at Aspen and Evergreen Gallery in Estes Park, Colorado for several years. That wasn’t enough!
I took my first sculpture class in 2007 from good friend and mentor, Rosalind Cook. My boys were out of the house and I had time to pursue my passion to create.  I was still working full-time and wasn’t able to devote all my time to sculpting until 2012.  Sculpting awoke an entirely new part of my creativeness.  Wanting to capture realistic figures, clay became an extension of my fingers.  Now, sculpting evokes memories and feelings of moments and relationships.
To paraphrase Isaiah 64:8, “I am the clay and You are the potter; I am the work of Your hands.”  I love to think how much God, our Creator, loved art and design!
There is a song by Julie Meyer called “Paint your Picture” and one part says, “Take Your fingers, God, Master Potter, come mold the clay.  Tell Your story as You mold me. . .”  My desire is to get so close to the Creator, that my sculpting truly tells a part of His story!
For me, to be able to take a piece of a scene and recreate it into a tangible work of art is a joy!  I know that I was created for this!