Other Works By this Artist

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"Majestic Golden Eagles"

Dimensions: Original bas relief sculpture (3'6"x6'6")

"Preening Swan"

Price: $6500

Dimensions: Original bas relief sculpture (2'x3')

"Rocky Mountain Sentry"

Price: $18500

Dimensions: Original bas relief sculpture (3'6"x4'6")

"Great Horned Owls"

Price: $12800

Dimensions: Original bas relief sculpture (3'x4')


Joyce Crowly


BAS RELIEF – SCULPTURED  (sandstone) PAINTING, a MEDIA developed over 50 years! It is not taught, Created by Joyce Crowley. , Introducing her Media at the Kansas City, Natl. Plaza Art Show in 1969. with numerous Public Wall Sculptures in KCMO and KCK. . Joyce participated in many Midwest shows, including Tulsa’s OWAF,  OKCC, Edmond, and Ponca City OK ’80’s. ’90’ s.  Also expanding to the SW and working with the top Agnisiuh Gallery in Sedona AZ.  Moving to Montana in ’98, after her husband retired, (as a Beloved MO Elementary Principal and Spec. Ed. Director.(who Knew Every Child’s Name!)         Traveling throughout the West, and Canada, Lake Louise, 16 yrs with the Charles Russell Days Western Show in MT, and NFR in LV NV, incl. Natl. Wldlife and NW Western Shows.

The loss of her beloved husband and art partner of 53 years, Bill, in ”09 and sale of  their home/gallery on the beautiful  Kootenai River in Libby MT, brought her to Wichita KS. Establishing her Riverside Studio/Gallery, 825 N.Buffum St. She was invited to 3 Public “One Woman Shows” in Derby Library/Gallery, Century II Concert Foyer, and Mid America Indian Center Museum, for 11 months.

MATERIALS: Tempered Masonite; Layered Polymer and sifted MO River bottom sand,  thin layers, each Sculpted while wet, dried and Repeated.    CREATING a nearly Indestructible BAS RELIEF Design, (DESIGN that is Stylized, anatomy foreshortened, a SURREAL Scenario.)

Finally 3D depth Enhanced by PAINTING with Acrylics, and Polymer. All the Work is created with Side Lighting Only, to see the delicate sculpture as it Develops!  ********So the FINAL Relief Sculpture Drama is created with SIDE LIGHTING for the 3D Dramatic SURREAL effects!  This pulls the Viewer in. (wanting to touch. The work is so durable, they are TOUCHABLE!) ( This Durability allows the Work to be MOLDED for BRONZE PLAQUES!      Out of Frame, life-sized Wildlife ; Average time to complete is 3 to 4 full Months!  

SCULPTURED PAINTING:   The fine sand adds a glow to the delicate Bas Relief surface, ( prompting a Charleston SC Art and Antique dealer at a Special invitational “Something Wild” at the SE Wildlife Expo, to describe them “Sculptured Tapestries”!)  This Unique Media is Successful in diverse styles:  Nature, Bold Abstract,  Native American Portraits,  and Southwest Designs! Commercial and Public COMMISSIONS, Joyce Crowley’s Specialty!