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For more information, or to purchase, contact Pete Messler at messler@drumlaw.com


Price: $6000

Dimensions: 48"x 48" Oil on Canvas Knife Work, Includes custom frame


Price: $1000

Dimensions: 20"x 20" Oil on Canvas Knife Work


Price: $5000

Dimensions: 48"x 48" Oil on Canvas Knife Work

Josh Stout

We ponder. We innovate. We design. We amaze. After his steady rise and scorching sales record, Oklahoma artist Josh Stout continues to catch the attention of collectors across the US. As one of the top selling regional artists, Josh has a packed calendar… from booking shows and fundraisers, to speaking and demonstrating live at events across the area, or maybe its just supporting 1 of his 5 children at the local basketball game.

Pushing new ideas of composition with an explosive color pattern has been a successful combination for this thriving artist. He mixes impressionist and abstract techniques, which stop people in their tracks or make you walk from across the room. However you see it… It captivates you

Working outside the lines of establishment art culture, and embracing a new ideal of modern business dealing directly to collectors, schools, business both local and on the corporate level across borders has projected a once adventure traveler lifestyle to the sound of knives scraping across the canvas through the night.

No stranger to the game of being creative and a free thinker, Josh sums up his most asked question:

A lot of people ask what inspired you to become an artist?

” Born an artist…. my entire life has led to being an artist…. Creating …exploring and experiencing life and how it affects ones outlook on the world…. And ultimately how all these views are transferred through medium… art! ”

Throw away your brushes! Josh paints exclusively with knives! “Know other tool gives me the free flow of expression that I’m engaging…. Like moths to a flame, the knife continues to grasp me under its spell…. Slowly unlocking the secrets it holds! ”

Fundraising has been one of Josh’s biggest personal accomplishments ” I never thought I would be in a position to really reach out and help folks who are trying to work hard and get ahead in life… helping people to help themselves is one of the greatest rewards you can give someone.