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"Audubon Zoo"

"Secretariat "

Jocelyn L. Russell


Jocelyn is an avid outdoor and wildlife enthusiast. From an early age, her frequent family trips to the mountains afforded her the hands-on experiences of nature and kindled her desire to pursue her childhood passion of being an artist. Through unlimited support of family and friends, she has flourished in the opportunities of the art world and her dedication to research has taken her to many destinations, including Mongolia, Patagonia, and undeniably her favorite, Africa. She has attained national and international recognition for her sculptures and paintings, and enjoys the versatility of tackling many subjects to keep her inspirations alive.

Jocelyn has completed many public art projects, including ten life size elephants and lions for Audubon Zoo and most recently, the largest sculpture of Secretariat and Ron Turcotte in the 1973 Kentucky Derby Triple Crown race. She works closely with her foundries in the creation process and is fortunate to have a supportive husband who is himself an artist, craftsman, and master welder by trade, lending his expertise on engineering, transportation and installation.