Other Works By this Artist

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"Spring Cutie"

Price: $2500.00

Dimensions: 24x18

"Gray on Grey"

Price: $1500.00

Dimensions: 12x24

Carolyn Mock


Carolyn Mock, a well known Oklahoma artist, is known for realism in her work.  She considers her artistic talent and the pleasure of being able to pursue her talents, a wonderful gift.  Each morning she walks the thirty feet to her art studio and spends all day doing something she loves, painting or sculpting.  The easel is positioned to look out of large windows where there is a pond close by.  Canada geese and great blue heron are often seen visiting.  Late in the day, there are deer that frequently show their displeasure when Carolyn disturbs them as she leaves the studio for the day.

After many trips she has amassed a huge amount of valuable reference.  She has been privileged to study with the worlds masters of wildlife art: Robert Bateman, Guy Coheleach, Carl Brenders, Terry Issac and many more.

“My choice of medium has always been oils.  My choice of wildlife developed because of my love for nature.  The style of realism allows me to show the dignity of each individual animal plus the awe I feel for he animals I am painting.  The amazing payoff for enjoying each day of this life is when someone wants to own one of the piece I have done. “