Art Show & Sale

At the annual NatureWorks Art Show and Sale, art lovers can browse paintings, sculptures and wooden carvings by the top wildlife, western and landscape artists across the United States.

NatureWorks selects a few featured artists in addition to the many talented exhibiting artists whose work will be on display throughout the entire show. Thirty percent of each art sale goes toward supporting the development and conservation of Oklahoma’s natural habitats, as well as the creatures who live in and depend upon those habitats.

Be sure to check out our recap from the most recent show and find out more details about the 2018 Art Show held at the Renaissance Tulsa Hotel & Convention Center on February 24-25. Patron party Friday February 23rd.

Exhibiting Artists


"3's a Crowd"

Royce Gilliland

"3's a Crowd" by Royce Gilliland

Price: $1,650

Dimensions: 13” High - 9” Wide

For more information, or to purchase, contact Pete Messler at

Stephen LeBlanc has been a professional sculptor for over 30 years. Being an avid outdoorsman, his specialty is realistic wildlife. Whether it is a ram on a lofty mountain peak in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, or a pair of stingrays gracefully skating along the ocean floor in Jamaica, Stephen has been there to experience the sight.

Stephen LeBlanc

Mr. Wells has won numerous awards and exhibited his work in museums and fine art shows across the nation. Mr. Wells is also a published author. He has written several published articles, as well as a children’s book, The Legend of Catfish & Little Bream (1997), published by Acadian House Publishing in Lafayette, Louisiana.

"Rut'n Honey"

Ronnie Wells

"Rut'n Honey" by Ronnie Wells

Price: $18,000

Dimensions: Height: 29" Length: 40" Width: 17"

For more information, or to purchase, contact Pete Messler at

Ronald finds inspiration for his sculptures anywhere from the great outdoors to his own backyard. As an avid outdoorsman, He emphasizes the importance of studying the sources of his works in process – the anatomy, habits and habitat. Loving being able to connect and capture moments in time through sculpture.

Paul comes from a family of artists and has drawn and painted his whole life.  After receiving an Associate of Arts degree from a local college in 1984, he accepted a job at the Smithsonian Institution doing taxidermy and model making. Paul’s work has been exhibited in such prestigious art shows such as the National Sculpture Society, the Society of Animal Artists and Birds in Art.

Paul Rhymer

Mike grew up in Wyoming where he spent his childhood hunting, fishing and modeling in clay. His passion for wildlife formed early in his life and has grown as he travels the world. His years as a professional wildlife photographer served him well and gave Mike a foundation for the sculpture that he is so passionate about today.

"Two of a Kind"

Mike Barlow

Jocelyn Russell was born and raised in the San Luis Valley in beautiful Colorado. The baby of five children, she was allowed to join Mom in the studio after the older kids were sent off to school. Jocelyn dabbled with all forms of art material, but not crayons or play-doh. She had the real thing… paints and clay!

Jocelyn L. Russell

Growing up in a small town in Colorado, Eric Slocombe had the majestic Rocky Mountains in his own backyard. Here, he spent his childhood experiencing firsthand the natural beauty of the wilderness – hunting, fishing, and camping on the river with his Dad. Even today, he vividly remembers what it felt like as a boy to hear elk bugling in the distance.

Eric Slocombe

Dennis E. Conner is an artist who specializes in western and wildlife bronze sculpture.  He believes his realistic approach captures the essence of our western heritage, Native American culture, or a moment in nature.  Such authenticity allows the viewer to connect with a time from our past.

Dennis Conner

David H. Turner, has an incredible talent of capturing the beauty and motion of wildlife in bronze. His native land, the Eastern Shore of Virginia, a peninsula surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean, is rich in wildlife and is a continuous source of inspiration for his work.

Award winning sculptor, Christine Knapp, a native of Dayton, Ohio, has been a professional artist since 1990. She is best known for her realistic bronze creations of both animal and human subjects.

In order to better convey the spirit of her subjects, she has traveled to South America, Canada, Europe and Africa to obtain first hand knowledge through personal observation and her own photography.

Pettit has always had a passion for creating. He grew up drawing and painting, but when he first discovered sculpture, a deep connection was forged.
Eventually his passion for art became undeniable, and he realized he could apply his education towards making a career as a sculptor of the wildlife he immersed himself in during his free time.

Bryce Pettit


"Sangre De Cristo Church"

Kenneth Baker

"Sangre De Cristo Church" by Kenneth Baker

Price: $1,728

Dimensions: 16X12 Oil on Linen Framed

For more information, or to purchase, contact Pete Messler at

Jan Mckay

"Wing Man"

Lee Kromschroeder

"Wing Man" by Lee Kromschroeder

Price: $11,500

Dimensions: 24" X 36", Original Oil

For more information, or to purchase, contact Pete Messler at

"Freeze Frame!"

Jennifer O’Cualain

"Freeze Frame!" by Jennifer O’Cualain

Price: $850

Dimensions: 4x8” Oil on mounted linen

For more information, or to purchase, contact Pete Messler at

Wes & Rachelle Siegrist capture the attention of viewers not with outstretched canvas but with miniature paintings so exquisitely rendered that they are often mistaken for photographs. Miniature art has been in existence for centuries and the current revival in its popularity has given rise to miniature art societies which in turn have given the Siegrists a platform for international recognition among peers and collectors.

Wes & Rachelle Seigrist

Wildlife and the outdoors have always been Tim’s love and creating these images on canvas is his passion. Growing up in Maryland Tim spent his summers on the shores of Solomon’s Island by the Chesapeake Bay. As a young boy he experienced a wide diversity of wildlife from otters to ospreys that would both capture his spirit and direct his path.

Tim Donovan

As a youngster, Scot Storm discovered his talent for drawing, sketching and design. These skills eventually led him to North Dakota State University where he earned a degree in architecture. In 1987, he entered the Minnesota Duck Stamp contest and placed second. He continued to enter stamp contests and enjoyed his first top award by winning the Indiana Pheasant Stamp competition in 1991.

While working in Scratchboard for 50 years, Sally Maxwell has distinguished herself as one of the pioneers in the medium. She works in large sizes as well as experimenting with many removal techniques which make her works stand out from the many others in the field. Her kits and instructional booklets have produced a new generation of “scratchers” all over the world.

Sally Maxwell

Rock Newcomb was raised on a ranch in southern Idaho with all manners of wildlife at his doorstep. He began drawing at age six. Continuing his studies, he earned his B.A. and Master’s Degree in Art from California State University, Fullerton.

Newcomb paints primarily in acrylics, working principally with semi-opaque colors and very thin washes of acrylics.

Rock Newcomb

Renée Buller is a Wildlife Artist from Castle Rock, Colorado: Her application of oils on linen captures the abundance of the profound beauty in nature & wildlife. Renée is a Colorado native, and focuses her landscape and wildlife paintings on the habitat and animals of North America and beyond.

Renee Buller

Matthew Higginbotham was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1963. His early beginnings with art took place in a pottery studio in 1974 at the age of 11 at Tulsa’s Philbrook Art Institute. This weekend class his mother enrolled him in opened up something deeper that would one day lead to a career in the arts first on the kick wheel and eventually on canvas.

Matthew Higginbotham

Mark Anderson is a self-taught, award winning wildlife artist.

Born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Mark’s love of hunting and fishing with his dad when he was a boy gave him inspiration to first draw and doodle, and eventually paint. Mark has been painting for over 30 years and has been a fulltime artist for 22 years.

Mark Anderson

by Mark Anderson

Price: $4250

Dimensions: 10x10

For more information, or to purchase, contact Pete Messler at

A Tennessee girl who followed her art West, Lyn currently resides on the edge of a Montana ranch that borders National Forest and Wilderness North of Yellowstone. These days inspiration is never far with bears, cougar, wolves and other wildlife in her backyard (sometimes on the deck) and countless miles to explore on her horses.

Lyn StClair

Lindsey Foggett’s future seemed determined from a very early age. Growing up in a small village in the heart of the English countryside, she soon developed a love and fascination for wildlife and nature. Encouraged by two artistically talented parents, her passion to paint and study wildlife was to evolve into a lifelong career.

Lindsey Foggett

Like most wildlife artists, Linda was enchanted with animals at an early age. It was vivid childhood memories of her great-uncle and his African hunting stories which gave her an immediate sense of the adventure one experiences when exploring wild animals and places. Linda was drawn to the outdoors through her geology bachelor’s degree from Colgate University, followed with a Master of Science degree which enabled her to get into the back country of Alaska, Nevada, Wyoming, Utah, and Montana.


"Range Runners - Wild Horse Series"

Linda Besse

"Range Runners - Wild Horse Series" by Linda Besse

Price: $12,000

Dimensions: 24" X 48", Original Oil

For more information, or to purchase, contact Pete Messler at

Leslie paints both wildlife and western subjects, striving to create emotional response to her work. Committed to depicting the subjects she paints, as well as their individual personalities, she thoroughly researches those subjects as well as their habitats, vegetation and anatomy.


Leslie Kirchner

"Sunspots" by Leslie Kirchner

Price: $995

Dimensions: 8 x 10, Oil

For more information, or to purchase, contact Pete Messler at

Laura Mark-Finberg’s paintings have been described as “windows unto the soul” of the animals she paints., The 2008 “Featured Artist” at Natureworks, Laura has explored a vast array of subjects in her quest to help the viewer understand a little more about the animals she paints.

Laura Mark-Finberg

Ken baker is a life long resident of Oklahoma. His interest in art started at an early age with drawing and sketching that eventually led to pastel and oil painting. Although his paintings include a variety of subjects, his preference is for on side landscape paintings.

Born in sight of old Fort Reno in Oklahoma, Judy grew up in the high plains of Texas and in Oklahoma. Animals have been a large part of Judy’s life since early childhood. The southwestern environment, her love of animals, and art seemed to be the perfect ingredients that have led to her success.

Judy Osburn

The art of John Phelps exemplifies the history of the Great American West, beginning with the explorations of its vast terrain, the fur trade era and its mountain men, the epoch years of the cowboy, ranching and rodeo. A lifetime of cowboying, horse packing, hunting and fishing lend authenticity to his subject matter.

John Phelps

In a word, Jerry Ricketson, an American artist, is unrelenting. The adage, “close enough is good enough” does not work for him.

Jerry’s unrelenting determination for perfection creates paintings which allow viewers the privilege of seeing works of art as they were in the mind of the artist–even before they were paintings on the canvas.

Jerry Ricketson

Janeice Linden has been painting original fine art for more than 25 years. She has enjoyed success with a variety of media including oil, pastel, graphite, and charcoal. Landscapes and wildlife have been a focus of her work. Living in Colorado has continued to inspire her to breathe life into her subjects.

Janeice Linden

Dale Martin has been designated a Master Pastelist by the Pastel Society of America.

Martin’s paintings have been exhibited in one-man shows at the A. R. Mitchell Museum in Trinidad, Colorado, and the Woolaroc Museum, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  He has won awards from the Pastel Society of America, Pastel Society of the West Coast, Salmagundi Club, and at shows from coast to coast.

Cory Carlson vividly portrays nature’s timeless beauty and energy with his extraordinary wildlife paintings. His art reveals a unique ability to bring the intensity of life in the wild to canvas and reveal its hidden realms. In the eyes of his subjects he offers us a captivating and emotional insight into the soul of nature.

Cory Carlson

Christopher became interested in drawing and painting at an early age. He entered his first juried art festival as a teenager. After earning a degree in commercial art,Christopher worked in advertising doing graphic design and illustrations for a multitude of clients. After several years of working for agencies and as a freelance illustrator Christopher took a extended hiatus from doing commercial artwork.

Christopher Westfall

Raised in a small farming community, my parents and grandparents taught us to respect the land and accept the responsibility of maintaining the delicate balance of nature. When you see my work, I invite you to pause and enjoy. May you too be fascinated by nature and all it has to offer.

Carolyn Mejstrik

Born in Minneapolis in 1952, Bruce Miller showed signs of artistic talent at an early age Given a set of acrylic paints for seventh grade art class, he painted exclusively with acrylics until 1999, when he began painting with oils. Being an avid outdoorsman and Eagle Scout, in 1981 he began painting wildlife.

Vibrancy, a sense of looseness and a comfortable nontraditional style are all ways in which Amy’sPaintings have been described. Heavily inspired by her experiences of a life growing up in the shadow of the Eagle Cap Wilderness
of Northeastern Oregon, Amy developed an intimate love and fascination for the animals and wildlife on her families 5 generation mountain ranch.

Amy Lay


Cindy Lewis and Mark Holland work as a team carving and painting each bird and floral sculpture. Each piece is an original and displays their unique style of subtle texturing and intricate oil painting to “fool the eye of the beholder.”

Cindy Lewis and Mark Holland

Raised on a farm in the Missouri river bottoms, Dan developed an early appreciation of wildlife and the outdoors. After pursuing a degree in wildlife conservation, Dan worked for several years as a conservation agent for the state of Missouri. He became fascinated with the of realism obtainable in wood sculpture and began his future vocation in wood carving with his first decoy. He has expanded his original waterfowl work to encompass songbirds, fish, game birds, mammals and raptors. He has been juried into the country’s most prestigious wildlife art shows, and has been honored with numerous awards, including several “Best of Show” awards. His carvings currently grace many private and corporate art collections in the U.S. and abroad.

Dan Brueggeman

Chris exhibits his work at shows throughout the country and had several pieces pictured in Cindy Ann Coldiron’s book Wildlife Art Today. He has experienced a successful career as a full-time sculptor specializing in wildlife art. He is passionate about studying wildlife and he hopes his work will inspire others to admire and protect wildlife for generations.


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